How Cell Phones Help Fuel The War In Congo

Congo, or more accurately, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is said to be the Saudi Arabia of precious minerals. Gold, silver, diamonds, copper, uranium, and other minerals are found here in huge quantities. It is this richness in high-priced minerals, along with corruption and racism, that has brought unimaginable suffering to its people.

Congo – a 21st century Tragedy

Today, Congo is being wracked by a calamitous civil war – a conflict that is said to be the deadliest on the planet after the Second World War. The strife which started in 1996, has already claimed 5.4 million lives, and there’s no end in sight. What is fueling this unending war of rape and genocide?

Class 4 Softswitch – An Essential Technology for Carriers

Class 4 Softswitch technology is rightly considered irreplaceable in the tele-communication industry today. It offers multiple features with high reliability and security with low cost and time saving set up. Read on to learn more and the best way to find one for your business.

Starting a telecom service company providing VoIP and successfully running it requires huge investments and extensive skill and knowledge of the switching, billing and routing services. To top it off, you need to be aware of the market scene too, like any good marketer. In the telecom business, if you are a carrier, you know that your business is constantly on. Therefore, you need high level of competency when it comes to the systems used or the skills of the people you employ.

For an individual or a party who are newly venturing into the telecom industry, starting with a smaller VoIP service or even a large one, outsourcing could be the smartest way to do it. Many carriers adopt this method and are consequently making profits. By outsourcing their switching, billing and routing services, carriers can benefit in many ways. They can avoid the huge investment usually required for building an infrastructure to house their business and all the hardware and other physical components. They also save the investment required for owning or managing VoIP Softswitch and Operations Support System and so on.

How a good application interface design promotes a software’s success

A nice-looking, functional and straightforward software application interface can easily make the distinction between a products failure or success. This sounds more than logical, nevertheless interface layout and testing is often being disregarded by both large and small application producers. If an end-user finds a user interface being not as much as logical, difficult to understand and not comfortable to work with, then a product that may have been outstanding, is bound to failure.

The primary Purpose of Any Graphical user interface

When coming up with a software application graphical user interface, the main factor to consider is its common approval by end-users. In the end, end users would like to carry out their tasks as quickly and simply as possible, as well as the interface is simply a tool to achieve that goal. Therefore, any application developer must ensure that the final software program product includes a visually appealing, flexible and straightforward to utilize interface.

Information about Android App Development Courses

Android is a very popular platform for app development as it has become the most widely used Operating System for smartphones. In order to start an open source app for Android, you will need to go through any of the courses that will teach all the aspects of software or application development with the help of Android. It is an open source mobile platform based on Linux kernel. Hence, there are virtually unlimited opportunities for emerging software developers to develop and distribute many applications with the help of Android. There are many courses available online which are suitable for those Android developers who want to expand the knowledge of app development and delve into more advanced aspects of the implementation of Android applications. In these courses you will get adequate training to use the Android API, the Software Development Kit (SDK) and an Eclipse environment configured with the Android plug in to help you get started as a developer of Android. You will also learn the operation of Eclipse as IDE for Android development so that you can implement your own software using Java. These app development courses will also teach you how to manage resources of Android documentation to clear doubts during the development process. You will get to know how to make widgets, integrate images and graphics in your applications, use it for responding to events, use the sensors to make calls and send SMS etc. These courses also provide the participants with sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of the operating system so that they can use it to create the applications of their choice. Objectives: An Android app development course will cover the following: Understand how Android works, and properly choose the tools to design your software with Android You will be able to generate your own programs and applications that will act as your stepping stone to become an Android application developer Learn to program user interfaces, access databases and use the resources that the phone provides The app development programs will teach you to install the tools on your computer, the development environment and the emulator, using the Android user interface to test your applications You will learn to use Java as the basis for Android native applications You will understand the basics of files and forms in which Android works You’ll get a fair understanding of the Android Market and will know how to create and distribute your own applications If you are looking for Android app development services, please visit our site.

You Can Use Multiple Networks By Unlocking 3g Iphone Sim

Is the sim card of your 3G iphone locked? Do you want to use your iPhone on different networks but are not able to do so because of the locked sim? Do you want to use the range of features that the iPhone offers apart from the ones that are standard? Well! Then what you really need to do is download unlock iPhone solutions from a reputable website. The main advantage of using unlock 3G iPhone solutions is that you will be able to use your iPhone in different networks across the world. This will be useful if you travel around the world on business more often.

Some of the benefits of top of the line unlock 3G iPhone solutions include:

1.A reliable unlock iPhone solution will offer FULL Unlocking so that you can use the phone in any network across the world.
2.You dont require any technical knowledge for using unlock 3G iPhone solutions. All you have to do is download it and run it from your phone. Your phone should be connected to the computer where you have downloaded the software.
3.Working GPS and 3G Data network
4.A reliable unlock iPhone solution will ensure that there is no loss of signal, which can happen if you use unreliable unlocking solutions.

Refurbished phones – Good idea to refresh your gadget

it is such kind of phones that can gives you full satisfaction as well as a new handset. You can get these phones from the same retailer of new mobile phones.

Refurbished mobile phones are such kind of mobile phones which has been returned to the factory from a mobile phone company rebuilt with new specifications. Sometimes a popular model of any brand no longer be manufactured new, but if a customer want the same handset, then he can get a refurbished ones. You can get all the old and starting handsets of all the brands in the category of refurbished phones. These phones work like new phones. You can get these phones with contract deals, pay as you go deals and Sim free deals.

If you purchase a new handset with any contract deal or any Sim free mobile phone. After someday, you understand that this is not a suitable handset for your requirements, then you can return the phone to the mobile phone company. The company will replace that phone and will provide you a refurbished phones with all the features that you want in your desired handset. To get this, you don’t have to pay the pay the cost of a new phone. You just have to pay the negotiable and fair amount. In these type of handsets no customer should be asked to pay top price for a clearance handset, it is not a fair rule for these handsets, even these phones have all the latest features like a new handset.

Air Conditioning And Heating In Small Flats Goodman affords each commonplace and extended ensures. These furnaces have a limited lifetime warranty on the warmth exchangers and if the unit fails within the first 10 years, all the unit will be replaced. Products underneath Goodman model are coated by a 10-year limited warranty on all purposeful components. Many individuals wish to make the most of good climate by spending a lot of time outdoors. However when the mercury rises, simply as many begin spending more time indoors the place the temperature is bearable due to air conditioners. Sharp light-weight, transportable air conditioners provide the perfect solution for quiet, moveable cooling and are geared up with easy roll coasters.

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An improperly secured window-mounted air conditioner is considered an unsafe item in a Native Law 11/98 facade inspection To ensure compliance, Rand recommends that administration set up building-extensive set up pointers for all residents to comply with. Working a central air conditioner that’s three ton (and of average effectivity) for eight hours per day for 15 days per 30 days, with the common charge per kWh (kilowatt per hour) being 0.17, the average value per thirty days for the air conditioner alone shall be $ninety seven.92. Amazing is not it? This doesn’t even embrace washer, dryer, lights, fridge, or range, solely the air conditioner